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Pay it Forward with Whatablessing Financial Ministry

December 20, 2011

Whatablessing Financial Ministry is Paying-It-Forward

Free OneX & QLXchange Silver Savings Accounts From Whatablessing
Deuteronomy 14:25 then exchange your tithe for silver, and take the silver with you and go to the place the LORD your God will choose.

Did you know, We periodically run a Pay-It-Forward program for OneX?
It has been hugely successful to date, helping thousands of people globally to start earning money from online Silver Savings Accounts and at the same time assist our members build their business organizations at light speed, ensuring higher future income from QLxchange.

What Is OneX Pay-It-Forward?
So what does OneX Pay-It-Forward mean exactly and what does this mean to you ?

“OneX Pay-It-Forward” is the term used when one of our OneX members, pays the OneX Silver Savings Account registration fee for a new person joining us. This could be because an individual wanting to make money doesn’t have the means to pay themselves, or simply an existing member wishes to invest a little of their OneX profits in blessing others with income.

Why Pay It Forward?
We all know that from only $5, a OneX-QLXchange Silver Savings Account holder can compound the growth of that opening $5 balance, by 300% almost over-night and go on to compound that new balance even further. Typically 300% to 700% over and over in record time.

This builds to a target balance of over $99,000 for the OneX Silver Savings account holder, with an additional monthly income, with no additional out of pocket expense from QLXchange.

The Whatablessing Financial Ministry OneX Pay It Forward Program.

The OneX Silver savings Account, combined with us Paying-It-Forward Program is an outstanding introduction for any budding online money maker or even skeptical investor. The reasons are perfectly clear, with no personal risk and a prove it “see the money first” opportunity.

So What Is The Catch, Why So Generous?
2 Reasons actually.. First, in OneX the person who you open an account through, gets a 100% matching bonus on the value of money your account makes. If you make $100 your sponsor makes $100, if you make $5,000 your sponsor makes $5,000. $10,000, $50,000 etc etc.

Second, of all the money our members make for you free, we ask only that you in turn spend only $20 of your early profits to pay it forward for 4 new people at $5 each. This of course sets you up for 4 lots of matching bonuses also. Which could mean the difference between your OneX account target of $99k or plus 4 x $99k extra at $495k.

If you don’t know 4 people who can benefit from a similar Silver Savings Account worth over $99,000, then We have 4 people waiting that you can help. After which, just enjoy your new income as it grows bigger and bigger. Who knows you may be so impressed by your new OneX account income, that you join us fully in our community and work along side us full time.

100% Genuine OneX Pay-It-Forward Offer
This is the ridiculously easy part, by simply filling in the form here:, I can create your FREE OneX Silver Savings Account.

You will have your new OneX QLXchange account logins sent to your email address and then just watch your money grow over the coming months.

“The Best things in life are Free, so don’t allow skepticism to stop you enjoying
some of the Best things in life Free.”

Evangelist Diana Jackson, Chicago, IL
Bryce Jackson, Business Mentor, Success Coach


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